Friday, October 19, 2018

Destroying the Myths of Market Fundamentalism

09:30:00 AM Ralph Nader Opening Remarks 09:50:00 AM Bert Foer Antitrust & How Kleptocracy Corrupts What Markets Are Supposed to Do 10:10:00 AM William Black Financial and Insurance Rackets 10:30:00 AM Robert Kuttner The Virtues and Limits of Markets 10:50:00 AM Greg LeRoy Subsidies, Handouts, Giveaways and Bailouts 11:10:00 AM James Henry Systematized Tax Evasion 11:30:00 AM Lunch 12:15:00 PM Russell Mokhiber Systemic Corporate Crime—Business as Usual 12:35:00 PM Rob Weissman How Market Fundamentalism Corrupts The Political Process 12:55:00 PM Dennis Kelleher Endemic Market Failure/Inequality 01:15:00 PM Tom McGarity The Assault on Regulation (And the Case for It) 01:35:00 PM Rena Steinzor The Assault on Regulation (And the Case for It) 01:55:00 PM Damon Silvers SEC and the Inadequacy of Financial Regulation 02:15:00 PM Joel Rogers Public Goods 02:35:00 PM William Lazonick Stock Buybacks 02:55:00 PM Lori Wallach Market Fundamentalism and Trade 03:15:00 PM Steven Clifford The Lack of a Free Market for Executive Compensation 03:35:00 PM Ralph Nader Institutionalizing Lawlessness—Systematically Subverting Markets 3:50-4:30 PM Discussion

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