Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dismissal of Xia Yeliang - the first step in a long journey back to Socialism

China has plenty of academic economists who, like Professor  Yeliang, of Beijing University Economics Department believe in unfettered free markets and see's them as allied to "liberal democracy" and a western version of representative democracy for China.

You will not be surprised that Political Economy Research does not think much of these people or their ideas in fact we have been exposing them here:

Last year, Professor Xia issued a call on the Internet for Chinese intellectuals to gather in public spaces to discuss and promote capitalist political reform.
Before that, he mocked a government minister for having a degree from a technical school and not having his Hayekian searing intellect.

Political Economy Research  may be the only people in the West to welcome his dismissal has bourgeois economists rally to his defence but we see this has a victory albeit a small victory in the ideological struggle over China's future - the struggle for Socialism.


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