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The Future of Global Capitalism with David Harvey

Political Economy Research always found David Harvey OK for an introduction to Marxist Economic Thought - but now in view of his recent views on the Labour Theory of Value which are nothing more than a backdoor to the market and the Question of Imperialism - he seems to have abandoned Imperialism as a concept we think he has reached his Kautsky point where either you go beyond David Harvey or you go backwards.

For a refutation on David Harvey's recent garbage on the Labour Theory of Value read Paul Cockshott here:

Also an important refutation of Harvey by Michael Roberts here :

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Economist Breaks Down Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency w/Richard Wolff

Artificial Intelligence and the Planned Economy - The Future for Socialism ?

Artificial Intelligence and Socialism can be a dead end if it takes us back to Oskar Lange and economic cybernetics - his bringing the market back into socialism proved a technocratic disaster in 20th century.

Building a socialism that goes beyond the market - the type of socialism that Paul Cockshott writes about is the 21st century road to a non market socialism - that is where the future lies.

It also is a realization of the last two hundred years of struggle between a market socialism and a true collective socialism.

Rana Foroohar believes in a reformist capitalism but her work provides much ammunition for a revolutionary transformation of capitalism into socialism.

Understanding Contemporary Capitalism even within its recent cycles is important - preparing for the next crash is a political imperative.


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Monday, March 26, 2018

The North Korean Economy : Truth and Lies

The central bank of South Korea, which publishes an annual estimate of the size of the North Korean economy based on scraps of public data as well as national intelligence, said that the North Korean economy grew 4 percent in 2016 - more than either the U.S. or South Korea economies. 

Through 2016, it had grown four of the last five years. 

Its estimate for 2017 is expected in July.

“While estimates vary widely, the South Korean central bank says the North Korean economy has grown... I too think the direction is likely positive,” said Ahn, who is currently a professorial lecturer at Johns Hopkins SAIS.

Some satellite photography leads to similar conclusions.


The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) set it as the main task for socialist economic construction this year to strengthen the independence and Juche character of the national economy and improve the people's standard of living.

  This represents the noble intention of our Party to make the 70th birthday of the DPRK the greatest event of significance by bringing about a decisive turn in the improvement of people's standard of living.

  We have solid material and technical foundations for consumer goods production, laid in Pyongyang and localities under the wise leadership of the Party, and excellent models and plenty of experience for the rapid development of the light industry.

  When the potentials of light industry are given full reign to effect a great upsurge in production, can cheers for the WPK and socialism resound far and wide in the sky of September.

  The U.S. imperialists and their vassal forces are now making desperate efforts to hold in check our vigorous advance and stamp out our idea and system.

  The great spirit of self-reliance displayed in the light industrial field and all the consumer goods produced with our resources and efforts will be a merciless telling blow to the hostile forces.

  All the officials and workers in the field of light industry should redouble their efforts to bring about a great turn in the improvement of people's standard of living through the on-going revolutionary general offensive in hearty response to the Party's militant call.

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